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BCS National Championship

Posted on: October 25, 2011 3:38 am
LSU vs Clemson
BCS #1 vs BCS #2

LSU has proven time and time again why they are the number one team this season.  They have won all games by double digits and should go on to win a very close game against Alabama, a good game against Arkansas then will blow past Georgia in the SEC championship game.  Georgia is in the SEC championship because there only confrence loss this season is to South Carolina but at seasons end South Carolina will have 2 losses in the SEC with the loss of there big name running back.

Out of all the remaining BCS confrence schools that are undefeated besides LSU; Oklahoma St, Kansas St, Alabama, Stanford, and Clemson.  Clemson has the easiest possibility to win out.  Oklahoma State will lose to Oklahoma.  Kansas State will lose to both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.  Alabama will lose to LSU. Standford will lose a close game with Oregon.  With all those teams winning and Clemson's schedule being better then both the non confrence undefeateds, Boise St and Houston, Clemson will move to number 2 in the country giving them a shot at LSU in New Orleans, LA.
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